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衛 星 電 視 系統


Mobile Satellite TV for People on the Move

TONGYONG SAT TV - Satellite TV racking Unit for Yachts. We call TONGYONG SAT TV the "10-10-90" system. TONGYONG SAT TV has 90% of the utility of expensive  systems but only 10% of the cost. Install on your boat rail or elsewhere in less than 10 minutes!                                  
TONGYONG SAT TV is based on the principle that most     people want to watch TV on their boats in protected  waters -- tied loosely in a slip, swinging on the hook in an anchorage, or motoring along in calm conditions. TONGYONG SAT TV?is designed to handle these conditions well -- elevation is set manually while tracking is done in 2 dimensions (azimuth) to counter the turning of the boat. It meets the objective of tracking in relatively calm seas, even if the boat is swinging wildly due to wind or current. When wind and seas increase to uncomfortable levels, your TV screen may start freezing periodically -- at some point you reach the 90% utility level where you probably will pay more attention to your boat than TV!




All new digital “MULTI-CHOICE CHANNEL”, via satellite broadcasting TV programs:super football and many live broadcasting sport programs, covering Europe Asia and needs only 1.5m dish antenna, not affected by rain. For those receiving Thailand are affected during rainy day, currently can change their antenna. They can normally receive the following programs:

“MULTI-CHOICE CHANNEL”: tout nouveau, numérique. Transmission par satellite des programmes de TV: football et beaucoup d’émissions sportives en direct, couvrant l’Asie, et n’a besoin que d’une antenne de 1.5m de diamètre, sans être dérangé par la pluie. Ceux qui, dûe à la pluie, ne peuvent pas capter Thailande , peuvent actuellement changer leur antenne. Ainsi, ils pourront capter normalement les programmes suivants:


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