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** NOTE:  The "Find" feature remembers where you first found the satellite signal. Every day thereafter, it returns exactly to this location with a single button press regardless of the new orientation or movement of the vessel -- even if it has swung completely around 180?

THE "10-10-90" SYSTEM

We call TONGYONG SAT TV?/I> the "10-10-90" system. TONGYONG SAT TV?/I> has 90% of the utility of expensive systems but only 10% of the cost. Install on your boat rail or elsewhere in less than 10 minutes!

TONGYONG SAT TV?/I> is based on the principle that most   people want to watch TV on their boats in protected  waters -- tied loosely in a slip, swinging on the hook in an anchorage, or motoring along in calm conditions.  TONGYONG SAT TV?is designed to handle these conditions well -- elevation is set manually while tracking is done in 2 dimensions (azimuth) to counter the turning of the boat. It meets the objective of tracking in relatively calm seas, even if the boat is swinging wildly due to wind or current. When wind and seas increase to uncomfortable levels, your TV screen may start freezing periodically -- at some point you reach the 90% utility level where you probably will pay more attention to your boat than TV!





We were ruthless in putting all our costs into only those components that are critical to tracking -- the strongest stepper motor and gear case and the most precise, reliable solid-state compass. We left out everything that smacked of unnecessary "gold-plating." For example, a simple 50-cent cord is our limit switch. It saves you from about $200 of extra costs for internal limit switches, electronics and liquid crystal displays. Yet, it serves the function of stopping an excessive turn, notifying you of an approaching limit. You use a simple button press to unwind. Another example is our simple case: it is made of standard 4" PVC pipe. This is exceptionally strong, completely marinized and makes it easy to provide a custom "pole mount" using 4" PVC pipe that fits into the bottom 4" PVC coupling of the unit. Or you can use our standard mounting hardware that comes with the unit to install on any railing or aluminum or SS pole.


Are there advantages to tracking using a solid-state compass? There are significant advantages. The megayacht cocoon systems track on the TV signal. Upon losing the signal due to a disturbance (a big wake), or an obstruction (a mast or boom), they switch to search mode and may take a minute or two to search the sky for the signal. TONGYONG SAT TV?/I> is always locked on to a magnetic location throughout the disturbance, or while the signal is obstructed, and regains the signal the instant the disturbance passes or the obstruction goes away. Big boats do not pitch much and they roll slowly. Smaller boats, under 50', roll and pitch more quickly and are more likely to lose the signal. For example, the spec for a popular cocoon system gives a max acceleration of 0.2g. Smaller boats easily exceed 1.0g in seas.


A comprehensive 40 page Operation Manual comes with TONGYONG SAT TV? It is a no-nonsense, step by step, practical reference, with many graphic illustrations. It tells you how to install the unit, how to optimize the signal, and how to isolate and fix any problems you may encounter.  It has been refined by feedback from many satisfied customers from all over the United States and foreign waters. Also, our one-on-one contact with many customers over several years as we cruised the Inland Waterway, the Bahamas and Cuba has given us a lot of "hands-on" feedback about customer installations and usage that has been incorporated into the Operation Manual.


Give us a call and let us tell you more about TONGYONG SAT TV? the lowest cost unit on the market that will allow you to:

  • Understand approaching adverse weather with real-time weather channel satellite images, radar images and isobar maps that give you the big picture updated every 10 minutes.

  •  Save by anchoring out and still watch TV. Slip fees saved will pay for the unit.

  • Enjoy access to more channels, LD quality channels, while continually swinging up to 720?at anchor.  Have more fun by cruising with satellite TV, and TONGYONG SAT TV?/I>!